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Oil Field Supplies

A and B Project Co specializes in the supply of oilfield equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. Our custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their good activities. Whether Customers are constructing, operating, maintaining, or upgrading wells, we are able to provide solutions that make a positive impact.

We have the personnel and experience to ensure that our Rig and equipment packages are manufactured to international standards, and can start up and operate with maximum uptime in the field. With a long history of operating and maintaining onshore and offshore drilling rigs, our personnels are well equipped to assist our customers to optimize their rig packages.


Some Services in Our Portfolio

Multiphase Measurement for Well Testing

This service uses compact and lightweight equipment for fast and safe deployment during well-test operations. This has allowed different Clients to accurately monitor oil, gas, and water flow rates.

Downhole Fluid Pumping Services

The objective of this service is to carry out stimulation and inhibition of organic and inorganic (scale) by forcing to the reservoir using mobile units with high pressure triplex pumps in order to reduce formation damage and increase well productivity.

Early Facilities and Production Water Management

Combining Multiphase Measurement systems with compact separators, hydro cyclones, compact oil-in-water separation systems, we offers our customers an alternative to conventional early-facility systems for handling production fluids in a safe and secure manner

Generation of electrical energy with generators with gas engines

We currently have equipment from 750 Kw-h to 2000 Kw-h to be installed in facilities or wells and thus be able to take advantage of the gas associated with the production of hydrocarbons, reducing costs in the use and maintenance of generators with diesel engines.