Industrial Services

As external companies, industrial service providers ensure that technical systems, components, devices, or operating equipment are maintained. These companies construct or relocate assembly and manufacturing facilities. The market is dominated by international industry leaders. Nevertheless, numerous specialized providers have established themselves. The industry is facing the challenge of gradually expanding the service portfolio and thus building long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.


Developing extensive, process-based solutions requires complex subject-related and methodological knowledge and profound industry know-how. With you, we establish transparency over your cost and revenue structures throughout the entire service period.


Bringing strategy, controlling, sales, and purchasing in line

Our experts know that your business is personnel-intensive and requires high capital expenditures in provisioning. Our teams have and apply the industry expertise you need. With you, we work out valuable approaches to keep in line with the price sensitivity of your customers. We offer you individual solutions to harmonize your strategy, controlling, sales, and purchasing.

Developing future-proof approaches effectively

We establish transparency over your costs and revenues along the entire service portfolio:

  • We define end-to-end processes for you and design comprehensive project programs.
  • We help you to manage your costs and margins in a forward-looking and sustainable manner.
  • We design long-term customer contracts with you and provide advice on renewing them.
  • If companies and business premises are merged on the market, we also help you to consolidate and prepare consolidated financial statements.